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Nov 15, 2009 6:30pm EST
in the locker room coming up later in sports. bruce? >>> a red line killed nine people is prompting the obama administration to push for safety of the system. dave's live with reaction. >> reporter: much like the nation's airlines and railroads, the federal government is talking about taking over safety regulations for the nation's subway systems. ray lahood told "the washington post" it was the june 22nd crash on metro's red line that killed nine people that put this into focus for federal officials. many of the federal officials, like lahood, have fought that state agencies supposed to be overlooking the safety of these systems aren't doing a very effective job, sometimes it's the state agency, sometimes like in our area, it's an interstate committee charged with safety. we asked metro passengers what they thought about this idea. >> i think it's good that the government would regulate the safetiness of it. obviously it's a huge transportation here. everyone is riding it. i think it's good. >> i generally like the idea of the federal government involvement of helping people if people need h
Nov 1, 2009 6:30pm EST
to get out the vote. if the poll holds true, it will be a dramatic comeback following barack obama to be the first one. if mcdonnell wins, he would be first elected since 1997. since 2007, democrats have won and brought the two seats back to the democratic side, took the majority of the seat in virginia and control the virginia seat. republicans are clearly voided for the chances of getting on the winning side again. >> thank you, dave. >>> turning now to another story, an ohio confirms that baddy decomposed bodies are all females. the coroner says they were strangled to death. authorities discovered the first bodies thursday night when they went to the home of a convicted rapist. the suspect was taken into custody on saturday. police have set up a command post in the neighborhood for people to report missing persons who may have had some contact with the suspect. >>> long lines around the country for the h1n1 vaccine. some members of congress were criticizing the white house decision to allow detainees at guantanamo bay to receive the decision. the white house announced that the d
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2